Your business simply can’t afford to ignore security

Keeping your applications, devices and network secure and compliant is vital. With the surge in data theft and other threats all aimed at businesses like yours, it has never been more important to work closely with your IT service provider on a security strategy.

A data breach could spell disaster for your business. When it comes to security, there is usually more you can do to avoid risk. It is vital to have a proactive strategy in place to limit the damage a breach can cause. 

At Kyonet, we can carry out a thorough and discreet security audit on your business. This allows us to identify immediate risks, potential issues, and make recommendations for the future to keep your business fully protected.

Measures we can implement include secure internet connection, filters, security policy, maintenance, secure messaging, Virtual Private Networks, and secure applications. 

The outcome is a 360 degree support view, allowing us to keep a close eye on your security and in most cases, rectify an issue before you’ve even noticed it exists. We operate close partnerships with Sophos, HPE and Aruba, which means that you’ll benefit from some of the world’s leading security when you work with us. Kyonet chose these partners for their vision of security technology both now and into the future.

Kyonet can work with you for your compliance needs with offerings in penetration testing, vulnerability assessments, Training and awareness.

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